Western Tool & Mold supplies “Total Plastic Solutions” to the Aerospace, Medical, Electronic, Industrial and Specialty Industries.

Our Chinese Name “Hua-Mei”(華美) is the embodiment of our character and spirit – (華) “Hua” represents the core culture and pride of China and today the cost advantages that can be gained; (美) “Mei” is the first character for the name of the United States. As a Western owned and managed Plastic Tooling and Molding Company, we have integrated the best of two cultures to leverage and benefit our customers.

We have the experience, technical know-how and creativity to tool and mold your most difficult parts. Utilizing Scientific Plastic Injection Molding Principles, with years of combined mold making experience, we are capable of accomplishing what others cannot and are not willing to do.

Our Focus on the Engineering and Ultra Polymers with the skill to process small lots provides our customers with a lower total cost of ownership and flexibility to meet both their small and larger production needs.